Dianthus Miami emphasizes that feeding your flowers good food is the key to maintaining a beautiful arrangement.

Your stems come with flower food, and throwing this packet away will do your flowers a disservice. Containing a mixture of components that feed your flowers, prevent the growth of bacteria and keep the pH of your water at the optimum condition, this food ensures the longer life and freshness of your flowers.

Top 3 Myths for Flower Arrangement

You may have heard several tips and tricks for promoting the life of your flowers. However, they aren’t all true.

1) Pennies: The copper in pennies is said to reduce bacteria growth, but unfortunately, pennies do not dissolve. Placing pennies in your vase will not transfer copper to your flowers, making it a wasted effort.

2) Aspirin: While you may have heard that adding aspirin to the water in your vase will extend the life of your flowers, it actually makes them die faster.

3) Bleach: Bleach will inhibit the growth of bacteria, but it is easy to go overboard. Bleach is a powerful compound that will leach the color from your stems very quickly, so be sure to only use a few drops at a time.

Top 5 Tips for Flower Arrangement

1) Flower food: Use the packets of flower food that comes with your stems. The sugar and small amounts of bleach and pH stabilizer will confer many benefits to your flowers.

2) 45° Trim: Trimming your stems at a 45-degree angle ensures that the bottom of your bouquet can easily absorb the water, keeping them fresh and long lasting.

3) Cool setting: Your flowers will have more of an opportunity to bloom quickly if you keep them in a cool place. Avoid sunlight and ripening fruit as these can affect the bloom.

4) Remove debris: Leaves and other falling debris can promote the growth of bacteria, so scoop out these unwanted floaters regularly.

5) Clean water: The water in your vase should be changed every two days to promote health in your flowers.

For more expert flower tips from Dianthus Miami or for advice on what sort of flowers to grow, contact us today.

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