Walter Vermilan and Amy Kreft of Dianthus Miami at the 2019 Miami Yacht Show

Dianthus Miami comes to life when vessels are near. Shape, size and color only add to the endless possibilities of exquisite floral designs to enhance the beauty and sophistication of any yacht. “Flowers are the elements of gracious living on land and sea”. Dianthus Miami uses that mentality to create opulent designs on Luxury Cruise Liners and Super Yachts worldwide daily.

Be it Cruise Ship Christenings, launches and Grand Voyages, Dianthus International and Miami have perfected the art of Floral Designs at sea.

Dianthus Miami attended the Miami Yacht Show 2019

Team Dianthus has embraced several Yacht Shows this year including; Monaco, FLIBS, Miami and upcoming Palm Beach. Flowers speak for themselves, without saying a word. Take Red Roses for example, you automatically think of love. Dianthus Miami can send the perfect message and set the tone of your vessel with our floral designs. Tell us what you are trying to capture and we will deliver.

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