So how does a company begin to plan for Oprah’s arrival? The same way you would prepare for an event with the Royal Family—both of which we are experts at. First you start by jumping up and down with excitement and anticipation. Then, when you finally come back down to reality; your fingers take to the keyboard to research and collect the fine details of the event and her requests.

Oprah has amazing taste, as the world knows, and when it comes to flowers; they are no exception.  Only the finest; tulips, hydrangeas, garden roses and peonies had to be ordered from Holland and flown into Miami. So immediately, orders were prepared, growers were contacted and the international certificates of Agriculture and Customs all were put in progress.

Thousands of fresh flowers, specific greenery and the perfect matching vases and pots were all ordered.

Ten thousand delicate white frilly tulips, five thousand pink, butter yellow, cream, white, orange and periwinkle garden roses, two thousand pink, white, cream and dark pink peonies, eight hundred white, cream, light pink, carnation pink along with light and dark blue hydrangeas. This is just a portion of the list that made up our “sea” of flowers loaded on the Nieuw Statendam for her Christening and Oprah’s Girl’s Getaway.

Once the flowers were ordered we had to plan on how many staff members it would take to make everything happen; both on land and sea. The Nieuw Statendam will always sail with a team of two “Onboard Dianthus Florists” and a complete full-service flower shop. However, for this major event, additional team members were flown in from the Amsterdam office, vacations were shifted, visas, flights and hotels all had to be confirmed. In total the team was composed of nine Dianthus employees (five from the Amsterdam office and four from Dianthus Miami) plus two onboard florists for a total of eleven hands-on, with the rest of the Amsterdam office supporting us through the whole process.

Planning for an Oprah event involves everyday follow up for months before the actual date. Weeks before the flower deliveries, the warehouse and coolers are organized, delivery trucks are maintained, the warehouse is re-organized to accommodate the design space needed to create our masterpieces.

Dianthus worked around the clock a week in advance of the Nieuw Statendam’s Christening and Oprah’s Girl’s Getaway. One-of-a-kind, handmade custom planters were made and painted. Master florists worked from sunrise past sunset to create the floral designs. Floral temperatures were constantly monitored, tubs full of oasis were soaking overnight, pizzas were ordered and Uber Eats was on speed dial while copious amounts of Dutch Coffee kept the team going.

When the big day finally arrived, Dianthus was ready to impress and everything was delivered, installed and perfectly set up. With over 20 years of cruising experience, Dianthus Miami is ready to undertake your floral project. Give us a call and share your vision, we’ll take care of the rest.

Tot Zeins!

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