How to stay healthy on a cruise ship holiday

It’s important to stay healthy on a cruise holiday. After all, you don’t want to miss out on any activities or destinations – and contagious illnesses can get passed around quickly on board. We’ve put together some basic health tips to help you stay safe during the coronavirus pandemic and beyond.

Click here for all the latest coronavirus advice from the CDC.

#1 Wash your hands regularly

Wash your hands after going to the bathroom, before eating or preparing food, and whenever you return to your stateroom from another location. Use hot water and soap, and scrub for at least 20 seconds! While you’re out and about, try not to touch your face with your hands, and freshen up with hand sanitizer if you don’t get the chance to wash.

#2 Stay hydated

Drinking plenty of water is always a good idea. But it’s even more vital if you’re feeling poorly! Carry a waterflask with you and drink water with your meals. Make sure you drink extra water if you start to feel ill.

#3 Follow medical advice

Watch out for signs and announcements about the COVID-19 situation on board. The cruise staff will be able to tell you about any new health or quarantine measures. Stick to official advice, and don’t believe everything you read on social media without checking.

#4 Social distancing

Social distancing has already become the norm in Asia and Europe, due to coronavirus. Instead of shaking hands or hugging, try a fist bump or a wave. Don’t stand too close to other people when you’re queuing up or getting food. You don’t have to be rude – just hold back a little.

#5 Take care of your general health

To make sure you enjoy your trip, try to maintain your health in general. Get enough sleep, take regular exercise, and look out for your mental health too.

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