Looking ahead: wedding flowers for 2020

What’s the most popular date to get engaged? According to Wedding Wire, 40% of all engagements happen between Thanksgiving and Valentine’s Day. So, with Valentine’s Day just behind us, it’s time for… wedding planning!

While engagements take place in winter, most people choose to marry in the summer and fall. We’ve collected the most popular wedding dates – plus the best flowers for each month, and some trend predictions for wedding flowers in 2020.

The most popular wedding month: October

Surprisingly, three of the top five wedding dates in 2019 were in October. Fall weddings are clearly here to stay. So what are the best flowers for an October wedding?

Summer might be over, but you still have plenty of blooms to choose from. If you’re planning a classic white wedding, then calla lilies or white magnolia are an elegant choice with a beautiful scent. If you want just a touch of pastel color, then freesia, iris, or delphinium would look lovely.

Want something bolder? In 2020, we’re expecting to see a lot of exotic flowers in big, bold colors. Think about including alstromeria, bright gerbera, or even sunflowers in your wedding bouquet


Many of the same blooms are available in September as in October. But, because it’s a little closer to summer, you have a few more options in September! Hydrangeas and roses are absolutely classic wedding flowers, and they’ll still be in bloom.

Zinnia is another sweet choice for weddings. As well as its bright colors, the flower symbolizes thoughts of friends – so you could include it in bouquets for your wedding party, or favors for wedding guests.

Another big trend for 2020 is the use of texture and greenery in bouquets. Try adding craspedia, eryngium or skimma to your bouquets for an understated, modern look.


Traditionally, June was the biggest month for weddings. And it’s still a popular date!

There are some charming flowers which come into season for June weddings. We like traditional wildflower blooms, such as lavender, daisies and sweet peas. These all work well with a rustic wedding.

If you’d like to choose local flowers, try phlox. This native North American flower comes in white, pink, red, blue or purple… and it symbolizes “unification of souls”.

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