How to feel at home on a cruise

Embarking on a cruise is a thrilling moment. But once you’re out at sea, and still finding your way around, things can feel a bit strange.

In the new generation of cruise ships and yachts, some designers are finding ways to build and furnish ships so that they look more welcoming. But there are some quick fixes available, as well. We’ve collected these tips for cruise operators – and passengers! – to make cruise ships feel more like home.

Learn your way around

The first step is to orient yourself. Cruise operators should furnish their ships with plenty of clear signs, “you are here” maps, and even floor markings to help people get around. If you’re a passenger, dedicate some time on your first day to exploring. You’ll probably meet some new friends and discover new activities in the process.

Decorate your door

However good the signage is, it can be tough to pick your door out in a long corridor full of identical spaces. The solution? Decorate!

Experienced passengers will probably come prepared. But cruise ships should be ready to help first-timers. Run a door decorating workshop with plenty of fun materials, or have a competition for the best door on each deck.

Enjoy fresh flowers

Fresh flowers always cheer up a room – and can add a reassuring touch to passengers who are far from home. By varying colors and arrangements, you could even use floral arrangements to help passengers get oriented!

Make sure that flowers are refreshed and changed regularly. While fresh flowers cheer people up, there’s nothing more pathetic than a wilted bouquet or patchy arrangement. Use a floral delivery service that can reach your cruise ship wherever it goes.

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