Dianthus Miami predicts the big floral trends for 2020

On January 1st, a new decade will begin. And we expect the 2020s to be full of innovation, artistry and growth for Dianthus Miami. Here are just a few of the trends we predict for florists in 2020.

Sophisticated succulents

Cacti and small succulents were extremely popular as home furnishings in 2019. We expect this trend to develop as people discover more about the fascinating world of succulents. We’re thinking flowering cacti, mix-and-match textures, and minimialist arrangements.

Deep colors

The last few years have been dominated, in design terms, by soft pastel shades and neutral tones. That’s about to change… in a big way.

2020 will be full of rich, jewel-like tones in fashion, home design, and floristry. Look out for floral arrangements with an eclectic mix of colors and beautiful, exotic flowers.

No more plastic

As we enter a new decade, everyone’s talking about the environment. And florists are no exception.

We expect to see floral arrangements moving away from single-use plastic. Instead, they’ll use traditional materials, like fabrics, basketwork, glass, and ceramic vases. We also expect more emphasis on local flowers from organic farmers.

Mixing textures

The latest Flower Trends Forecast suggests that we’ll be mixing it up in 2020. Look out for dried and preserved flowers, used alongside fresh flowers in arrangements with plenty of texture and depth.

If you’re not excited about the trend for bright flowers, then textures are the way to go instead. Gentle shades of green, creamy flowers and soft dried-flower colors make for a calmer, more classic effect.

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