Flower arrangements for events

Flowers and floral arrangements have long been useful in business. They can brighten up a space, project a professional image, and double as executive gifts when you want to impress a client. But not all flower arrangements are created equal. In today’s blog, we’ll take a quick look at what you should keep in mind when you choose a flower arrangement or bouquet for business.

Match your surroundings

When you pick a display of flowers for your office or corporate space, make sure that the arrangement matches the venue. A good florist will work with you to choose a custom style, size, and placement that makes both the flowers and the building look good. Standard-issue flower arrangements will just look cheap and out of place.

Choose something neutral

If you plan to welcome clients, or you’re sending a floral arrangement to a business connection, then it’s best to keep things simple. Remember that some people don’t like strong scents, or may have pollen allergies. Ask your florist about attractive, but neutral, arrangements which everyone can enjoy.

Add some tasteful branding

Including your corporate colors in a floral arrangement can be a tasteful, elegant nod to your brand. Don’t make it too obvious – just add a touch of color. You can also design floral arrangements to match the seasons, specific holidays, or a favorite client’s favorite blooms.

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