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3 reasons you always need fresh flowers

Call us biased, but we believe that no room is complete without fresh flowers. Here are just a few of the reasons why you always need flowers – at home, in the office, on board ship and at special events.

#1 Fresh flowers upgrade any space

Flowers can brighten up your surroundings, and turn a bare space into a friendly, elegant room. Whether you have an elaborate arrangement in every corner, or just a simple bouquet in a vase, fresh flowers will bring your design together and make people feel at home.

#2 Fresh flowers help to mark seasons and special occasions

One of the big reasons we love fresh flowers is how they help to mark the different seasons. From bright spring flowers to exotic summer blooms, autumn leaves to winter berries, nature always has something beautiful to share.

This is especially important when you’re at sea on a cruise ship or private yacht. In the middle of the ocean, some people start to feel a little lost. Fresh flowers remind you of the changing seasons on land.

And then, of course, there are decorations for special occasions. Thanksgiving, Christmas, weddings, birthdays: a fresh flower arrangement will remind you of the special day for as long as it lasts.

#3 Fresh flowers show how much you care

Finally, fresh flowers send a powerful signal to anyone who visits you. When you have fresh flowers on display, it shows that you care enough to order them, set them out, and keep the water fresh. So whenever someone visits your home or office, they’ll see that you care about your environment, and know how to take care of the details.

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