Royal Dutch Ceramics

Why we love Royal Dutch Ceramics

One of the things that makes Dianthus Miami stand out is our beautiful collection of Royal Dutch ceramic vases. Here’s a little bit more information about these works of art, and why they mean so much to us.

Totally unique ceramic vases

Our vases are designed exclusively for us by artist Annelies Vessies. She works in her studio near Amsterdam, surrounded by fields of tulips and lilies. So all of the Royal Dutch Ceramics designs are directly inspired by Dutch flowers.

Once Annelies has created the design, each vase is produced in the Netherlands by Royal Goedewaagen, which has been in the pottery business for over 400 years.  

Showing the Dutch floral tradition

Royal Dutch Ceramics draw on several different sources for inspiration. Some of Annelies’ designs show our flowers, in almost photorealistic detail. Other designs are inspired by great Dutch artists, including Van Gogh.

Annalies has also created designs that show the history of the Netherlands. Since we create floral arrangements for ships all over the world, we’re proud to show the stories of Dutch florists and sailors on our ceramics.

How we use Royal Dutch ceramic vases

One reason that we love ceramic vases is they are so versatile. You can use them to hold fresh flowers, preserved flowers – or even on their own, as works of art. Created from centuries of Dutch history and tradition, these ceramic vases will stand the test of time.

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