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The essentials for comfort on board a yacht

A private yacht is almost the definition of luxury. But here’s the thing about luxury: it’s personal. The most elegant space in the world will be uncomfortable without your own personal essentials. So we’ve rounded up some suggested essentials for life on a yacht.

The perfect breakfast

When we started researching essentials for yachts, this turned out to be the most popular theme. For yacht owners, breakfast really is the most important meal of the day!

For long-distance sailors like Kim Brown for Sailing Britican, a good coffee pot is essential. Other kitchen appliances such as health-friendly juicers are also popular, according to Valeria from Fraser Yachts.

A little entertainment

Yes, the ocean is endlessly fascinating. But… sometimes you need a break. Pack your Kindle or ebook device with plenty of good reads to fill the time. Portable DVD players and tablets are a good choice if you have children or teenagers in tow.

And finally… make sure you have a few spare charging cables on board. If your yacht is short on power sockets, then consider investing in a portable solar charger.

Here comes the sun

We’re sure you already packed your swimsuit. But don’t forget about sun protection: sunscreen, hats, and an elegant cover-up for when you’re tired of sunbathing.

Make sure you have the gear for your favorite water sports, too – from scuba gear to fishing rods to swimming floats.

Home comforts

Finally, fill your yacht with all the comforts of home. We’re thinking cozy blankets for cold evenings on the water, comfortable seats, and fresh flowers to fill the cabin with color and scent. There really is nothing like a freshly-delivered bouquet to make you feel welcome on board.

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